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Hey guys! So these are the fan imagines! For every person that fans me, I'll write an Imagine for them. (If you request one) After fanning me, comment the boy you want it with, & what you want it to be about (ex. beach date w Niall) Also, if you share me with your fans & get someone to fan me, I'll write you another Imagine, even if you already have one. I hope that makes sense, I tend to say confusing things. Now, just a warning, there will be cussing, and possibly more mature content, but I will try to keep that just for the dirty imagines, which is a whole different set. But nonetheless, you have been warned about potential issues, so please don't go reporting me. For any of you that used to have a dirty imagine here, no worries! It isn't gone! I have moved the dirty imagines to a different set. So if you would like a dirty imagine, request it to me however you want, but it will be in the other set, not with these imagines. Thank you, hope you enjoy! :) Sabrina
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OMG this was so cute I was like AWWWWWW The entire time. Then I made my friend read it at school and I was like yeah your jealous :D hehehe Love it!!!!!

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