Passion of Lust and Hunger (Erotic Short Stories)

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NaughtyPoohBear By NaughtyPoohBear Updated 2 years ago
This is going to be a bunch of Erotic short stories. This is not for everyone. Only Adults over 18 PLEASE. Even tho I know that teens are having sex already but it's the law sorry guys. Hope you enjoy. Just to let everyone know these are ruff drafts.
{grammar police here}
                                    I enjoyed your story but all the grammatical mistakes made it hard to understand. It also ruined it for me.
Absolutely FABULOUS!!I  I love it , the guy sounds dreamyyy PART 2!!! ;)
what the wife did was just plain absurd and stupidity ...i will never do that..because i'm gonna 'reaally/truly love" my husband.
that was.. AWESOME!! i really like the first story..i kinda wanted to know what happened after but i guess that's what short stories are for anyways that was one amazing read!
I think you should write a book....:) i love your stories!
                                    keep writing!:)