The One

Paige Westfield is the average nerd. She is the plain girl with few friends. She is the girl whose parents are never really around to keep her sane. One day Paige gets into a wreck and it is going to change her life. The driver of the other car is a furious, sexy man who will be the one to change Paige's normal life if she lets him.
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Okay, so we have to be blonde and blue eyes to be pretty? That's a pretty sh*tty message to send to some younger readers.
Every Brittany I know or read about is a cold hearted b*tch. Are there no good Brittany's in this world?
I have been wanting a '65 mustang for so long. I really hope I can get one when I get my license.
I have green grey eyes, and sandy dark brown hair with red tones. It's really weird haha
I'm not sure if theres more chapters but I can only read chapter 1. The story has my attention it would just be nice to read more.
Can you please update soon please I love your book it is so good I could read it forever please update soon please thanks!

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