Sad/Romantic Story

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Annabellism By Annabellism Updated 3 years ago
A sad/romantic story somewhat like romeo and juilet
yanelim yanelim a year ago
ummm okay I did like it Haha but I mean you can always do better
ShafrazYoonoos ShafrazYoonoos a year ago
Agreed! If the story was long starting with how the characters met and how there relationship was growing and what caused the fight!
clarkpham clarkpham 3 years ago
Very nice story. Can i use some of the details in this story for my short film?
sweetynspicy sweetynspicy 4 years ago
like Romeo & Juliet in the end XD
well without all the drama XD
cowgirl14kms cowgirl14kms 4 years ago
This is really sad. It would be even more emotional for the reader if it had more detail. Good job though..I voted!!
BelleBurns BelleBurns 4 years ago
this is so sad... Like Romeo & Juliet... Really nice story...