Murder In Steel

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“Murder in Steel” describes the adventures of Professor Lederer who arrives as a tourist in Budapest in 2002, the city where he grew up. On arrival he is brutally arrested.  The accusation: that as a young employee at a steel mill in 1956, he caused the agonizing death of a visiting Communist minister by pushing him into the molten steel. Lederer, determined to uncover the mystery behind this allegation, unravels the workings of a conspiracy to avenge the past and the re-establish the Communist reign of terror.
great story...kept me engaged throughout the book ...five stars...
Quite enjoyed the story. I felt the writing could have been a bit more concise to speed up the tempo.
Body armor in 1955?

Not likely, nor had the term SWAT been coined yet
i really like this one..a real w0rk of real intellegence..keep it up..
Wow, this has been great so far. You have done great with description, as I can see the old building in my head. Love your work :)
This is a well written, and enjoyable story, loving it so far xxx