The Fairy Tale that won't Behave

What happens when Cinderella stumbles upon another fairytale? Will she meet her prince and finally get her happily ever after?
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Good idea, not getting involved with Goldilocks! Kind of a no-win situation, siding with the girl against angry bears, or being accused along with on a B&E!
Hopefully Cinderella is picking up some good tips on how to finish her own story!
I always found it a bit odd that Grandmamma was found inside the wolf. But it is traditional! And I'm glad she made some cakes for everyone =)
So...I really hope Cinderella keeps all these new friends at the end! They'd make a killer guest list to a wedding! ;) can't wait to read who she'll meet next!
Ok, so didn't the birds in the original story eat all the breadcrumbs?? Still, I love this whole fairy's so fun!

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