The Little Town of Madrigal

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Bianca B By Bianca_eb Updated 2 years ago
A no-leave policy has been in place since Madrigal's creation, constructing the perfect community away from the supposed 'sins' and temptations of society. Even today, Madrigal's citizens are made to live by the words and ideals set forth by Madrigal’s founder, Reverend Mason Snr., with conformity a must and some committed to Madrigal with cult-like devotion to the ruling body of Madrigal, The Mason Society. Those who disobey their laws disappear from town life altogether, never mentioned in any way, shape or form by citizens again.
    But one person's idea of utopia can be another's nightmare. For all her 18 years, Sera Black has known nothing else but the little town of Madrigal, and along with her two best friends, Noah Lee and Jess Bell, dream often of what else lies beyond, sustaining themselves on 'banned' items from the outside from Noah’s excommunicated brother, Kelly. That dream suddenly becomes a reality when ‘outsider’ Blake Campbell somehow finds his way over the border into Madrigal and opens up a world to her and her friends they have always longed to find.
    Sera and Blake soon grow closer to one another, their relationship slowly becoming more intense as Sera finds herself giving into the feelings of attraction and temptation she had been told all her life to repress and drawing her all the more towards Blake as his amiable nature and strong opinions and beliefs serve to captivate her and find some common ground together...
@Bianca_eb the people in charge i guess :) the dictator seems to be the only person who ever likes living in places like madrigal :P
Really interesting, and informative about Madrigal. I'd hate to live there though!!!