Scott Bernard

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niknaks96 By niknaks96 Updated 4 years ago
Scott Bernard is an eighteen year old boy who has what every girl looks for in a guy. In fact, he has the world on a string and he knows how to play this to his advantage. Except their is one thing he has overlooked that could cost him his life as he knows it. 
He discovers a small, precious trinket and from that moment on his life changes. He falls in love with Aimee Roux, who he finds though the transportation powers of the mysterious trinket. Together they need to find a way to overcome what separates them: Scott's dangerous past.
ScandalousWithAD ScandalousWithAD 3 years ago
it relli attracted me to it...i think you should keep going you know...pls doooo voted
my_fairytale my_fairytale 4 years ago
Wow, I love the last line. You kept up the great description, and i didn't leave me dissapointed. Nice!
my_fairytale my_fairytale 4 years ago
I really like this! You did an awesome job of being descriptive, and it really drew me in. Great job :))
Writer-under-fire Writer-under-fire 4 years ago
I love how you played with the voice's of the two characters and summed up a back story that would have been great on it's own... can't wait to see more. :D
Writer-under-fire Writer-under-fire 4 years ago
I do like.  Very descriptive and I can't wait to see who the hobo really was.  :D
ashleeed ashleeed 4 years ago
its so good! and i love how its different most things here :D keep writing it, and ill keep reading :D