Druids Over Sohon

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MindBreach By MindBreach Updated 7 months ago
Xavier, a 17 year old teen must face the daunting task of saving the human race from a druid overrun, using powers gifted to him unknowingly, he alone holds the secret to lead his people to salvation. For the race of mankind to continue, he must not fail them. Can one boy prevail in such dark hours?
zebralou zebralou 2 years ago
I like the concept; it's very unique! :) Though I do see a few errors here and there--you could use some semicolons instead of commas (commas do not equal semicolons! XD). All it needs is to be polished just a bit, and I'm sure you'd be good to go! :D
annastasiaadams annastasiaadams 2 years ago
This is sooo well written! I'm amazed!
Nice way to end the chapter too.
Not much of a action person but this sounds intriguing and i'm sure many people will love this- not that i didn't!
Well done! :)
De2ire De2ire 2 years ago
I like it. You have great descriptions which allows me to imagine what is happening to your MC. The story also sooms really realistic and I definitley adore how you started your story by getting straight into the action. Great work! (:
RNMurray RNMurray 2 years ago
Not bad, not bad at all. You dialogue seemed natural, and flowed with the overall tone off the story. Your descriptions were on point. Voted...Great read.
Navannah Navannah 2 years ago
Massive details, it makes me feel like I'm there myself. An amazing job!
hearmeroar555 hearmeroar555 2 years ago
Very unique! I really like the concept, and how I can actually see it going somewhere. 

I did find quite a few grammatical mistakes. If you revise (or get an editor) you should be able to find them. 

Overall, it needs some polishing up, but it has great potential.