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Davide Georgio Arbisi By Davide Georgio Arbisi Updated 2 years ago
In an apocalyptic near future, prisoner 7-19 awakes in his cell.  Today however is different.  Today he is destined for so much more.  He and his band of convicts have planned their escape from the “Hole” but after their daring departure, will the world they yearn for, be better or far worse than the torrid underground complex they intend to leave behind.  Unknown to him, 7-19’s actions act as a catalyst, sparking a chain of events that change so much for so many.  Somewhere far away the little town of Haven and its residents find out that all is not what it seems and embark on a journey to find the answers they so desperately desire.  The sinister Authority, the Upsiders and Seremites stand between them and freedom or will the Facility forever be their prison?
Deceit, lies, trickery and backstabbing are the least of 7-19’s troubles, will he find out what happened to him, the world and civilization as a whole or will he succumb to the bizarre, dangerous and treacherous world he has yet to discover....
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