Hell High

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SamuraiFreak By SamuraiFreak Updated 11 months ago
Fierce and unbreakable, little miss Foxlynne Hampton's life changes when she is sent off to an on-campus vocational school with her and her two besties, Sephera Eldrige and Devon Cordell. Lost in a new environment, she encounters the infamous Devon Syvertsen. He soon tames Foxlynne's wild heart. She's usually good with change. The question is, is this change for the better?
The_WeakGirl The_WeakGirl 2 years ago
hahhahah awesoome ending...maybe she bumped her mom? or her dad? xDD or her sister!
Ethreal Ethreal 3 years ago
I like what you have so far.

Would you or anyone else be interested in checking out my Chapter One and Two of Garden of Eos.
Wow. I love how you characterize your character. Descriptive also. Voted~
SandraCorton SandraCorton 3 years ago
This is good and really funny, she really is a maniac driver though! Love Devon and Sephera! Don't give up this is a really good story
SandraCorton SandraCorton 3 years ago
I like Foxlynne already and you like to use brackets, like me heehee.
TheDaydream TheDaydream 3 years ago
This is good (: The ending is so cute. I agree with the person below me, don't give up, just keep on trying (: In the end you'll have an outcome, can't promise you it'll be soon, but you just have to keep going and you'll get what you want (: