Riley's Tale on the Opposite Gender

One girl. Eight boys. Enough said.
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8 boys. Poor woman. Linda's dying for one to keep a girlfriend long enough for her to bond with.
Mehhh. That's the sort of stupid thing I would say and point out that my brain doesn't turn on until *well* after sunrise.
Can you not speak on speaker phone in a house surrounded by boys while talking about said boys with an open door and thing walls all around you!?
I don't have a fragile heart. You can't have one if u choose to lead the life of a professional fangirl.
* Person says to someone holding a bomb.*   Drop it like it hooootttt!! Drop it like its hot. Drop it like its hot. Lol.
I hate yet love that we think the same. It's bad because I wish I wasn't so insecure, but it's good buck maybe I can learn from her mistakes

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