Riley's Tale on the Opposite Gender

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One girl. Eight boys. Enough said.
I'm trying to figure out each boy's personality. I think Spencer's the annoying one!
Oh my unicorn go away let mason introduce himself #readingitforlikethe100000time
My mom's the opposite of your mom ya know. Rather than letting me stay at an old friend of hers house, she'll send me to my grandparents. Rather than saying I'll be happy there, she'll say 'be a good girl and follow your pops' . :3
I just read this and I looked back at their age....Liam is so useful...I'm grateful to him
i cast lily collins as riley(come on who doesnt love her?)
Matt lanter as trent
Logan lerman as mason (yum)
francisco lachowski as spencer 
sean o'donnell as sawyer
shawn mendes as wesley
august maturo as liam cuz he is just THAT adorable

i dont pay attention to descriptions....
some of my cast : 
lily collins as riley
grant gustin as mason
brant daugherty as spencer
matt lanter as sawyer
young macaulay culkin as liam