A Rock named Gordon

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_ShadowReignhart By _ShadowReignhart Updated a year ago
Have you ever wondered why people had Pet Rocks in the seventies? Well, this is the story of a modern day kid who owns a pet rock. But this rock is different, he is alive. Just what can happen when an innocent soul is taken advantage of?
MaliciousMoanna MaliciousMoanna a year ago
Oh, wow, this is disturbing, haha! But I like it. It's quite original, and excellent if you're procrastinating studying for exams XD

Just remember to pay attention to comma use when addressing someone directly.
Erza1998 Erza1998 a year ago
@WyvernKnight Nope, you don't have a warped mind. Just a creative one. :3
Erza1998 Erza1998 a year ago
o.0 Would this become endless circle of body stealing? Would the parents notice the difference in their son or would they dismiss as part of growing up?
Well, at least he does have a new friend.
destineelanai destineelanai 2 years ago
Wow that was creepy, but I love it so much. I appreciate you writing this.
Rosadon Rosadon 2 years ago
Wonderful! :D I can only wonder what will happen to poor Jimmy...
MiloshPetrik MiloshPetrik 2 years ago
A very good idea, and very convincing. A little dark, but I like that.