Love Me Back

Melanie and Jet comprise an unsurpassed friendship since they were toddlers. Now in college together Jet discovers the strange episodes in his best friend’s life, the abusing, being stalked, and a new set of parents, including her feelings for him? Melanie’s tragic life doesn’t stop at this; she goes through her life realizing dealings about both past and present families, false memories of her life, and lovers? She will go gaining and losing loved ones. The unbreakable bond of her and Jet will began to fade. She will live to ask herself if she can trust anyone when she learns the secrets of the people she thought that would never betray her. Will her love for her best friend die? Will she ever find love in someone else? Can she live a normal life without heartbreak, not just by Jet but family and friends included?
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Hmmmm, I was wondering are you gonna write in the other guys point of views?  I completely understand if your not, since that would be a lot of POVs.
thank you so much for the dedication! I'll be reading your story..xoxo fan me please and I'll fan you xoxo

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