Words Yet To Be Said

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MercyRose By MercyRose Updated a year ago
A person collection of poetry, sayings, song and what-nots.
Wilcox_Tanner Wilcox_Tanner 5 months ago
n  forever19 have u made  the song??!!!  i want to listen to it!!  it would really cool n beautiful!!!
Wilcox_Tanner Wilcox_Tanner 5 months ago
u know, im fangirling here while reading it n literally squealed after d last line!!!!  awesome wedding vow!!!! 
has anyone tried that??!! 
i mean i want to but havent found mr rite n also too young!  only 18!!!!!
blss14 blss14 2 years ago
Wow. that's all I can say. Oh, there's one other thing: AMAZING!
love it! reminds me of the classical song 'My heart belongs to you' :)
pathoscide pathoscide 3 years ago
This is a beautiful poem. It really pulls at the heartstrings. Your vocabulary is immense and quite impressive, might I add.
Beautiful! i love the way it flows, and this poem is just so sincere :')

-quick correction: "apart" needs to be "a part" small error

other than that this poem was flawless :)