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The title pretty much explains it all. So, here are Niall imagines. :) I'll take requests!
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Hey can u make me an imagine plssssssss. my name is Alaina plssss. i want it to be a date at the beach plsssssss
Hey, I love your imagines please could you write me one where me and Niall fight but work it out in the end? if it's not too much trouble. my name is Mariah
Could you put one with my name in it? I just love your storys so much I cant stop! My name is Natalie. I really dont care what it is about. Thanks ;)
Can you please dedicate a book to me please involving all one direction or just Niall. Thank you
i like writing niall stories and when i do i always use the name Kimberly!!!! :D
i love this one its really nice please if you dont mind can you make one with my name: Khadijah please thanks mwah xxx

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