The return of Ray Ray *A mindless behavior ghost story*

Ray Ray had the girl of his dreams and a simple argument on the way home from their date, costed his dream girl her life. The pain he felt when everyone blamed him for her death & how bad they dogged him out at her funeral caused him to take his own life thinking he'd be with her again through after life. Ray Ray didn't know that he wouldn't be able to leave the Earth from his soul not being released properly. He didn't know he'd be stuck on Earth until the world ended. He wondered through the streets for the next two years, miserable and lonely until one day he met Jessica. To his surprise, Jessica could actually see him. He knew it'd be wrong to lead her on knowing they would never work out due to his inhuman situation. Once he catches wind that his cousin, Chresanto is in love with Jessica and reveals that she's been seeing a mere ghost rather than a real person, Ray decides to take matters into his own hands. Will he succeed in killing Jessica so they can live inhumanly happily ever after, or will he be called home first?
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@unpoetic_ I agree bout Ajah and bout the Jessica thing maybe not cuz she might fall in love wit him
Ajah.... :| I was trying to like her, but I can't do it. I'm done. -_-

And as soon as Jessica realizes he's a ghost...She's going to freak.
Ajah is seriously getting on my nerves! Like, I really hope that she doesn't ruin Chresanto's and Jessica's relationship
It must seriously suck to have to be lonely all the time :( I feel bad for Ray... But I'm happy for Chresanto!
ray being a ghost it's creepy lol but honestly im really happy that she said yes to chresanto.........idk why though lol
REPIN NC XD i love the stry btw but its sad to kno that ray hav to see everyonehe love pass away until the world ends

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