My Mate's Babies.

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Sophia hasn't had the best life so far. In fact, that would be an understatement. However, it seems like rainbows and bunnies compared to what her alpha mate, Chase, does to her.     
After making love to her, he leaves her for his girlfriend and head cheerleader, Nicole, who doesn't go a day without taunting and bullying Sophia is some way or another.

Not being able to bear the pain of it all, she leaves. Later, she finds out some life-changing news.

. . .She's pregnant.

Determined to make a good life for her children, she gets a job in the local cafe where she sings and plays the guitar.

Skip a few years and Sophia is one of the most famous singers of all time as well as one of the richest and sexiest woment alive after Alex Williams, son of the biggest record producer, discovers her amazing talents. Her life is finally going smoothly for once.

However, things don't last long because at her first concert, she meets Ryan, her older brother, who explains to her that her mother is in critical condition.

So what happens when Sophia returns back home and sees Chase? What happens when Chase finds out that he is the father of four year old twins? And what happens when Chase wants her back?

Will she be his or will she choose someone else. . .?
This is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so  to the infinity power, AMAZING! Even though this plot is quite overused, this story has a very original feeling to it! Keep the great writing up!
Losing your virginity in the janitors romantic
Yepppp... sry bae, you'll be famous and can rub it in his ugly a$ face ;)
This is like my 3rd time reading this book and I still hate him for this
Umm I'm pretty sure she already knew your name so that doesn't really give you the right to start sucking her earlobes ugh that sounds nasty when you say it like what if she's wearing hoop earrings or something
...isn't that just weird. You see a girl walking towards a boy and he starts sucking her earlobe?