Bitter on hold

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O'Nika   Barnette By O'Nika Barnette Updated a year ago
Amelie is   a    Sociologist  who  has  a   promised   career    at   the  University  of  England  at  London  but    she  first  has   to  confront  her  past  the  stories of  her  evil  obeah   grandmother   Francialla  and  her  crazy  whore   Mother   Marva,  to  confront  her  past  she  must  go  back  to  the  island  she  ran away  from  and   find   the  truth   of  what  happen  to  her  mother  and  grandmother.   This  story    intertwines    three  generations  of  women  from  the  island   St. Lucia
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