Smoldering Embers

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SleeplessInChicago By SleeplessInChicago Updated 11 months ago
What happened in the aftermath of the Calendar. That sent many a woman running for a glimpse of the sexy firemen....

After Alia set a fire with the calendar. All that is left are 

ff67wifey ff67wifey 2 years ago
@nikayaya my hubby is captain of the fd... I love the bunker gear ;-)
Sexy as hell!
ff67wifey ff67wifey 2 years ago
I'm so excited! Firemen! Yummy, like I don't see enough with my captain the fireman! I love it E and u haven't even started haha
pie2711 pie2711 2 years ago
so very excited for the fire fighters to be in action soon! =)
Nika_Yaya Nika_Yaya 2 years ago
@aerynsun I'm up and down, but ever grateful. I just wish I felt more inspired to write. something about being naseous seems to affect my inspiration. How are you doing?
aerynsun aerynsun 2 years ago
@nikayaya  Girl at least you see more than i have in a long while!!!  Hows the  soon to be mommy doing?
Nika_Yaya Nika_Yaya 2 years ago
@aerynsun Hee Hee, if it helps I have to cross the street to see them, I'm stuck in the police station with the less flattering officers /(