Here We Go Again.

Cam thought everything would be okay when Nat would be moving back to Storm, but she was wrong. She thought getting rid of everything that once belong to Nat that was in the back of her closest would be enough, but nope. And having him go to the same school as her isn’t helping. Also the distance her and Kim have being towards each other is tearing her apart, but there something that they seem to can’t talk about right now. Her and Seth even start to have problem when she learn he starts to hang out with TJ, the guy that ruined her first relationship. And rumors flying around that Amber baby’s is Nat’s? Cam wasn’t prepared for some much drama. All Nat wants is to try to have at least close to normal life as he can before having to go on tour in January for a month and half. Sure, trying to get Cam back is apart of his plan, but so is normalcy. But he’s grown so use to rock stardom he isn’t use to people telling him what to do. Cam notices new girl Ray seems to be getting pretty close to Nat. Friendly, sure, but it can’t help but bother Cam. And all Cam can think is, Here We Go Again. - - - First Book Is Called Here Without You
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please upload soon... i love this story... cant wait to find out if cam ever gets back together with nat...
wow i can't believe Nat would do that(if it is Nat).  so far so good.  wow that sounded like something my parents would say.
I have a feeling she's going to ask Seth if he got it for her and he'll say he did when it was really Nat who got it for her.... I love this story:)
I don't want Nat and Ray to get close....Cat (Cam and Nat) Forever! Seth needs to be gone....

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