In Another Life

"They are martyrs, dedicated to a life that wasn't their choosing. Dedicated to me..." Katarina Labore is known as “the girl with strange eyes.” She has the capability to read several languages without having to learn them. She hears voices in her head, and has reoccurring dreams of a man with "yellow eyes" killing her. Each time, waking up to finding scars on her skin from his piercing blade... One night, she's attacked, and with skills she never knew she possessed, Kat kills her pursuer. Mysterious Brison Aragon and his siblings step into her life shortly after to introduce her to a world she never even knew possible. Kat is a Reincarnator. After dying unfairly, fate has granted her with the opportunity to try at life again. But Kat isn't a normal Reincarnator, she has a deep secret, and the Aragons must keep her safe from their world because that secret will be the death of her--literally. Once Katarina is faced with the fact that she must end "the man with the yellow eyes" she'll be lethal and thirsty for revenge, and with the Aragon siblings and her best friend at her side, she'll be ready to kill the man who created this curse in her from the start. Kat will have to put aside her strong feelings for Brison and decide between staying with her family, or the Aragons. She is faced with choosing between a world she was meant to rule or to stay with the ones she cares and loves most. And she's only allowed to have one. Which one would you choose?
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Mysterious, hooking, "page"-turning prologue. I can't wait until you finish this debut, I know how far in you are :)
Ok finally going to get a chance to read this story!!! (: I'm sure it'll be GREAT!
If this is a teaser to the second book, I for sure have to read the first one.  Very Well Written!
This is so inense! I love the details I should probably read the first book first though before I read anymore of this one though
Omg the teaser for the secdond book was amazing this is added to my reading list for tommorow
I love your descriptions, they were really vivid and it felt very real. The story seems different from the usual cliche's. Great job, i loved it :)

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