There's a Thin Line Between Love and Hate

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November 7th, 2007 was the day Jordan Emery's life changed. Whether it was for better or for worse, she isn't so sure about that.

On this day, she met Jesse Jacobson. He was immature, cocky, and the most annoying boy she had ever met in her entire life. And he fell hopelessly in love with her the moment they met.

Four years later and nothing much has changed between them. Though academically bright, Jordan isn't exactly the smartest when it comes to love. Even though at times Jesse makes it clearly obvious how he feels about her, she just doesn't get it. Or… she's deeply in denial.

After being sent away because of their bad behavior, Jordan finds out Jesse's biggest secret. As they grow closer, they find themselves getting deeper and deeper into something that seems impossible to get out of. She must keep her growing relationship with her enemy a secret from everyone close to her. Her life, and theirs, depends on it.

(Watty Awards 2011 Winner)
ilianaesquivel1 ilianaesquivel1 8 days ago
Same everyone tried to copy off of me and it gets pretty annoying . They only do that cuz I got straight A's on my semester grades
dylan_obrien_xx dylan_obrien_xx 9 days ago
reading it... for the bijillionth time ❤❤❤ never get tired!!!
QuietMusings QuietMusings 9 days ago
Haha I feel ya. I'm always labelled as a smart person and people mock me when I get stuff wrong.  And I'm always wrong...  Just wondering when they'll realise that I'm not all that smart; I just like to verbalise my thoughts with nice-ish words.
farah_mo farah_mo 12 days ago
Rereading this for the millionth time.
P.S. Tommorow is Jesse's birthday
ShwazzaisaSnowman ShwazzaisaSnowman 13 days ago
My best friends name is Jesse. But he could like never smirk, no matter how hard he tried
Cheyenneee_07 Cheyenneee_07 24 days ago
If she put peanut butter over the gum and rubbed, it would come out