Eternal Discovery

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Theodore21 By Theodore21 Completed
Introducing this unique video-game inspired action story. 

Welcome to the war torn land of Celestia. The world was once only home to two divine beings who ravaged the world in endless combat. They put their battle to rest only for it to be carried on to their children. The divines beings left a message that only a kind heretic would save the world. Centuries later the world continues it's war...and in the midst rises the hero.

A great Fantasy story with plenty of action and a unique fighting power called soul-fusion this is one adventure you don't want to miss out on. So come on in, you won't regret it

A Remake called Eternal Spirit has begun

I am in urgent need of a new cover can someone help me please?

Full Credit for Current cover goes to JosephGross
OvyArt OvyArt 2 years ago
Very beautiful description. A perfect prologue:))))) Typical fantasy story:) Added to my reading list!!!
Anonymask Anonymask 2 years ago
Good opening so far:) I like the descriptions and length of this, but I don't think the cover is very eye catching but this is really good so far, voted
danniphantom danniphantom 2 years ago
It's like a fairytale. Haha. I wish I have the talent to write stories like this.X
makexbelieve makexbelieve 2 years ago
Interesting start; you've clearly thought quite carefully about the fantasy elements of the plot and have set the scene well.
Amycaaat Amycaaat 2 years ago
Your descriptions were really good! That is what I mostly look up in most stories and I was glad you advertised this story. However, may I suggest you change your cover? Not that it's ugly, but you could ask some help at the Book Cover Club.
Amycaaat Amycaaat 2 years ago
It was kind of confusing in my part. But I really liked the ideas of the kingdoms. Well, this was pretty good for a prologue. Minor editing and this could get a lot better!