Divine Intervention (lgbt - slash - mxm)

Constantine called it assisting, Asar called it interfering. Either way Asar had been stuck with the task at hand. What happens when a guardian angel, with too much time on his hands, decides to interfere. Story suggested by misunderstood4u Cover designed and created (including title) by Soniador
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i thought demons were supposed to be mean and rough, would have constantine to be roughened up.
It is 4:24am in the morning and I am hooked on another one of your beautiful stories.Another gem has been added to your crown.
I think it is a great chapter and a wonderful next step for you. I am just sorry I won't get to read the last chapter.
omg that was amazing!!!!!! thank u 4 uploading this so quickly<3333 I'm addicted :P
I love when love and affection is found early in a story. Thank you for posting this story your eternal fan and friend xoxo Alejandro.
omg omg I luv luv this story thank u 4 uploading it<333333 I have never read a story where I luv every single character but with this one I do<33333333

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