Divine Intervention

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RaeKitano By RaeKitano Completed
LGBT Adult - Constantine called it assisting, Asar called it interfering. Either way Asar had been stuck with the task at hand.
What happens when a guardian angel, with too much time on his hands, decides to interfere.

Story suggested by misunderstood4u
Cover designed and created (including title) by Soniador
SkylarSaitou SkylarSaitou 5 months ago
I like this already. no big internal dramatic fight before they get to this point.
SkylarSaitou SkylarSaitou 5 months ago
noo how could you!? You were supposed to be with the werewolf Claude! gosh darnit
SkylarSaitou SkylarSaitou 5 months ago
shh Ellandor. ..I will show you how to love them by shoving you all in a cupboard forever.
SkylarSaitou SkylarSaitou 5 months ago
Please end up with the werewolf...or maybe the dragon... actually go with the Dragon he seems like a butt. I love Claude already so Claude should go with the werewolf cause I like him lol. i will die happy is the elf ends up with the brothers. I have my ships now I will set sail!
greendragon66 greendragon66 2 years ago
i thought demons were supposed to be mean and rough, would have constantine to be roughened up.
walkerpeet walkerpeet 2 years ago
@RaeKitano well I won't be selfish, I hope it does well. You deserve it.