The Black Conspiracy

Ancient magic has infected the Internet… is this the end for civilisation? Ancient magic has transported Tung, a young thief, and Madrick, a has-been wizard, across a millennium. Now the magic has infected the Internet and civilisation simply can’t handle the consequences. To make matters even worse, evil wizards have followed Tung and Madrick through time. They’re determined to hunt down and destroy the pair, and with them, our modern way of life. Saving the world has just got a whole lot harder. Do you want to laugh while the world comes to an end? The Black Conspiracy is the spellbinding, stand-alone sequel to Dark Tidings and it’s available from Amazon.
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Love this! It's amazing as always! Will PM you when I buy this on Amazon. I can't wait!
You're such a tease! I don't have enough memory on my phone for ebook reader. Is this in print at say Barnes&Noble?
@KenMagee A smile on my face, a bellylaugh in my heart and admiration in my head. Class stuff. V
I really like this book,but I can only see chapter 39.Where did the rest go?Thanks!
This is incredible writing , you have me gripped and have opened my eyes to the universe . Voted
losing this almost as much as dark matter thx ken also thx for the dedication I dont see them as im on the wattpad app

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