What is HORROR supposed to be?...is it for VENGEANCE or for SYMPATHY? Twenty four students... Twenty four hours.... How many are willing to die for you? How many people are you willing to die for? Death is inevitable. Life is a choice. Make your decision. TWENTY FOUR! Storyline by: Japred Chiu Edited by: Iveca Cale Ignacio and Japred Chiu Written by: Marianne Antoinette Suñe
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wow....intense. I suggest you add just a teeny bit more detail and VOILA....PERFECT! so uhh yeah, i loved it tho! :)
The concept is so imaginative! Just be careful not to miss details we still need to understand the emotions. But this really is quite cool
I like that you're continuing in the script/narrative style - same points as previously regarding the dialogue.
I like your writing style, it's different: quick, to the point. Not elaborate like most stories, which somehow seems fitting.
it's a little strange.. the way you layed it all out like a texting conversation..  but its good (:

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