With No Warning (Romance/Inspirational)(Complete)

The last thing she expected was to seek shelter in a freezer, with a handsome stranger, while a tornado ripped the roof from above her head. Dakota survives the twister, but in the days to come, will her heart survive the emotional twister of Evan, her hot freezer mate, on that fateful day?
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Good descriptions, but the narration feels a tad detached from what Dakota is experiencing. Maybe rethink some word choices.
this is my second time of reading this book, it is extremely well written with a strong story line.
How the hell do you write so well?!
Your description is so accurate, it's honestly just perfect :)
I totally agree with the comment below. Jealous of ur writing skills. I can't even write half as good as u. This chapter is great! Keep it up! :)
Great first chapter! The details you put into it made me feel like I was really there :D
your vocabulary is superb!!! love your detail!  VOTED AND WILL FAN!!what more can i say?? *-*

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