The X-Men and Me

Dianna became a mutant when she turned 14, her powers were hard to control seeing as she has more than just one special power. She has the ability to control/create fire and move things with her mind.Her parents were murdered by humans seeing as they both worked to help out mutants and their rights and she by this time is newly 17. She wonders off into the world seeing herself as a 'freak' and danger to the humans. But as she wanders around she meets Gambit. Gambit seeing as she is still young and can learn to use her powers for so much more offers to take her to a school where mutants learn to control their powers and learn like any other student. The only problem is Dianna doesn't know whether to accept the offer or deny it and join the brotherhood of evil.
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Nice story!! I'm writing a x-men fan fic too and this has really helped! If you want to check it out I have followed you thanks :D
Please check out my story Messiah if you want to read more about the X-Men!! Loving the story! :)
I'm enjoying this story so far! I want to see what happens after the motorcycle Guy sees! Going to read next chapter now!!! :)
Yeahh! I totally agree with monkeychronicle never give up your writing, love:) Soo far that i have this has been totally awesome!!! Keep writing!!
Hey never give up your writing. Even with only a few views. Always write until you're done with it. You'll get discovered one day I promise :)
Haha you included Blob! Nice! Are the rest of the Brotherhood in this? I would die of excitement if they were!!!! :D

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