Book 3 - It's been one full year since Prince Tenarreau struck a bargain with Vincent - his cooperation with the prince's plans in exchange for information regarding the circumstances concerning his family's murder. Vince has done everything Prince Tenarreau has asked for and more, but intrigue and betrayal are a fundamental part of Haraelian politics, and promises are only worth the integrity of the person making them in the first place.
    But Vincent has made a promise . . . one he fully intends to keep.
i went from book 1 to 2 in just a week! that's how good you are...two thumbs up man...
youre an amazing author...i loved reading all your books however i do need to know if there are any books of yours that may not be available on wattpad n published or some such. I'd very much like to get my hands on them too...thankyou for sharing your work...kudos to you
I've never been so engaged in someone's work since Worm. Vincent's fascinating character, combined with the vivid action scenes and the engrossing plot, easily puts this series into my all-time favorites. Good luck with your endeavours, and be quick with the updates! The cliffhanger's killing me!
What happened to the updates? :( I love this story and I hope to see more of it someday, hopefully sooner, than later :)
If I was a cat it would be 2.5 cat years since your last update. That's much too long a time please update soon! Haha
I've been loving your books, though I can't keep reading on an LCD display (headaches). Any place to get this for an eReader?