~*A Special Poem for a Special Someone*~

We all have that 'special someone' whom we can never forget no matter how many years pass by, how many other people come into our lives...that 'special someone' will always live in your heart... This is for my special someone.
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This is how I'm feeling at the moment and I can honestly say, yeah this is a time the sucks the most. You like them but they could care less about you..
I honestly think that this poem is incredibly beautiful and very well written ^.^ if you ever need to talk to someone about anything, you can message me ^_^
@XxWishingStarxX I should say the same. Thank you for sharing this wonderful never-before-seen poem. I honestly love it.
its so so heart warming..even a stone heartd person would melt after reading this..
your really nice..
keep it up 
good luck  :)
@XxWishingStarxX Omygosh!*BLUSH* I'm like ROFL! Me so forgetful! but atleast I've read it again, and commented once more! HAHAHA xoxo
OMG, I love this! It has great emotion and flow and matches my feelings, it goes deep within me ;) I can totally relate, so definitely voted!

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