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Shattered_Violet By Shattered_Violet Updated 2 years ago
Everyone has a side of light and a side of darkness. Sometimes the darkness is stronger than the light. When it starts to consume me, I embrace it.
SimonOwoade SimonOwoade 2 years ago
A very sincere piece, this is. It feels so real. What many can relate to. Welldone.
Darklady_pp Darklady_pp 2 years ago
absolutely well written and the flow of words is great... we can feel the pain and sorrow in it
Darklady_pp Darklady_pp 2 years ago
Hello I'm new in here but known in some other website I was curious about your work because all my poetry is about darkness , I like this one very short but it says all .
I hope you can read some of my work but i'm still uploading all my poems yet there's a couple you can read.
StevenClapp StevenClapp 2 years ago
This was good. Your personal darkness comes out onto the page beautifully.  Good poetry.