Bringing Back Brielle

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mendlering By mendlering Updated 3 months ago
When Beverly Hills girl Brielle Parkston is forced to return to her old hometown, she knows she's in for a whole lot of trouble. Especially when she meets Ryden Miller, who seems utterly turned off by her charm and wealth.

But Ryden himself is also dealing with a problem. He's always liked Brielle, but he can't understand why she doesn't seem to remember him, or anything about her past.

Bringing back Brielle might be a lot more complicated than he ever thought it would be.
Georgia_Nerdxx Georgia_Nerdxx 3 days ago
Yes! My name is actually in a book :D Please don't make me into the biggest bitch possible
J_Bean1031 J_Bean1031 7 days ago
Some people may think she sounds stupid saying this but it actually makes more sense than my math homewirj
J_Bean1031 J_Bean1031 7 days ago
You call me up
It's like a broken record
Saying that your heart hurts
And you'll never get over him getting over you
WattieLaughing WattieLaughing 10 days ago
Don't worry guys, she's going to be brought into our lives soon. Hence the title
LexiRollins LexiRollins 11 days ago
And all you do is spend the money SHE earns for whatever you want. So please child, respect and be grateful what your mother does for you.
ThatAwkward_Turtle ThatAwkward_Turtle 13 days ago
I was literally just watching Ellen, like 20minutes ago ahhh I love her