Bringing Back Brielle

Brielle Parkston is sophisticated, rich, and, admittedly, a little spoilt. But more importantly, she’s a true-blue Beverly Hills girl with a whole mountain of cash and an attitude to match. But then, her mother sends her back to Santa Barbara – her old hometown which she hasn’t visited for ten years – to live with her grandmother and, basically, ‘rough it’ for a couple of months. Ten years is a lot of time for things to change. Since when did her old best friends turn into such bitches? And, hello, what makes nerdy, mouth-full-of-braces Nolan Delton so attractive to the entire female population here? And then there’s Ryden. Gorgeous, attractive Ryden Miller, who used to be Brielle’s good friend. Brielle’s used to getting all she wants, but Ryden seems completely immune to her charm and wealth, and goes all out to ridicule Brielle’s Beverly-Hills-girl attitude. Ryden himself is also faced with a problem. He’s always had a thing for Brielle, but he doesn’t like the girl she’s become since she moved to LA. It’s not going to be easy – and Brielle might hate him for this – but he’s going to try bringing back the old Brielle.
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Srsly? Haha. If I had a choice...I would soooo get the Ferrari and use it for a road trip or something...
Atleast she actually studies. Haha... That's really really good... She isn't completely a spoiled girl. ^_^ Education first before anything else!!! ^_^
hahaha. I feel you. I wake up at 12:00 on weekends. So, my lunch is like Brunch. Haha
Oh I know. Brielle is the one who called Beverly's mom for the earrings for her friend.
@hepburnettes NO I LOVE THIS BOOK, SERIOUSLY. STOP NO I LOVE THIS. if you dare to delete this book :c
@SamanthaLittle2 NSR stands for No Sparks Required, the author's first Novel on this account.

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