Bringing Back Brielle

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When Beverly Hills girl Brielle Parkston is forced to return to her old hometown, she knows she's in for a whole lot of trouble. Especially when she meets Ryden Miller, who seems utterly turned off by her charm and wealth.

But Ryden himself is also dealing with a problem. He's always liked Brielle, but he can't understand why she doesn't seem to remember him, or anything about her past.

Bringing back Brielle might be a lot more complicated than he ever thought it would be.
Yeah Brielle, you're a Beverly Hills Barbie not a Malibu Barbie.
But I mean, sometimes when I'm pissed I say that to my mom, even though i feel bad later on
Am i the only one thinking that she kinda looks like Bella Thorne?
Okay i dont even want to finish this book because she's such a brat
She's cute! I love her hair, gingers always seem like they have such big personalities.
U can tell this is an old story bc nobody has blackberrys anymore