Bringing Back Brielle

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Noelle Carson By Noelle Carson Completed
When Beverly Hills girl Brielle Parkston is forced to return to her old hometown, she knows she's in for a whole lot of trouble. Especially when she meets Ryden Miller, who seems utterly turned off by her charm and wealth.

But Ryden himself is also dealing with a problem. He's always liked Brielle, but he can't understand why she doesn't seem to remember him, or anything about her past.

Bringing back Brielle might be a lot more complicated than he ever thought it would be.
London Tipton anyone? I mean a pet, loads of money, great fashion, 'busy parent'? No? Okay., I guess it's time for a change from those goody goody female characters? Lol no srsly, please do not compare magazines to books.
*extends arms out* show gratitude through money to meh gimme gimme gimme
she did not just say blackberry.. hold the hell up.. Imma pretend I read iPhone or something because this isn't gonna work *shakes head*
Gosh, she sounds so spoiled, I don't like tips that much because they make me feel poor, that people feel need to give me extra money, even though it's out of gratitude
Wow, it felt like you insulted half of the things I spend doing and it's reading