Trying Your Luck (A Strokes Fanfic)

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_zestrokes By _zestrokes Updated 2 years ago
When I meet Julian Casablancas after a Strokes concert with my two best friends and my crush, things begin to get very complicated. My crush decides he likes me and wants to go to dinner with me, then stands me up for someone I know. Then Julian takes me under his wing. Will I choose my crush or will I choose Julian?
CrookedCondor CrookedCondor 2 years ago
@zestrokes You're welcome :D Really? I guessed I never looked, nice :)
TatyCasablancas TatyCasablancas 2 years ago
Freaking love this story!!! I read the whole thing in one sitting :D
Polartropic Polartropic 2 years ago
I love your story... keep with the good work!
I made one myself, not as good as yours but well...
really love it, continue with part 13 soon!
Liv4Today Liv4Today 2 years ago
I have no idea who this band is but this is awesome soo far!
LucyisUnderControl LucyisUnderControl 2 years ago
I really enjoyed this book, it's awesome! Great work keep it up :)