Will You Be My Dealer? (A Ronnie Radke Love Story)

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Emily By Whoarxx Updated a year ago
Kat finally gets a chance to meet her idol, Ronnie Radke. Who seems like he may be pretty into her. But is he faking it out of pity and anger? Will Max Green, Ronnie's enemy, get in between Ronnie and Kat? Or will Kat's best friend Be the betrayer in the end? You won't know who you can trust. Read to the end and find out? :3
This is creapy, lishening that song right now on spotify. It's like they read your mind or something :O
:( he doesn't even drink anymore...I'm not hating but please, him being sober is pretty special to him
Aww man! Never listen to Hawthorne Heights during moments like this!!! It makes you cry! ;D