The Dangers of Pursuing Red

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DomDomDomDom By DomDomDomDom Updated a year ago
When seventeen-year-old James Smith writes a list called ‘The Five Rules of Not Caring’, intended as a joke with his best friend, he soon starts to develop an obsession with redheaded girls.

After jokingly naming this desire ‘Compulsive Ginger Obsession’, James begins to carelessly use redheaded women of all ages, regardless of who is hurt in the process. His life’s philosophy comes down to the list; it’s all harmless fun.

But there comes a time when every action must have a consequence. So when James’ careless ways result in a series of terrible events, will he save the ones he loves or only save himself?

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Hazzer123 Hazzer123 2 years ago
A really good prologue! A good read, may buy the book from Amazon :) x
WeNeedPeace WeNeedPeace 2 years ago
@DomDomDomDom I hope you do continue to upload :) This is really outstanding so far!
WeNeedPeace WeNeedPeace 2 years ago
'Continuing to think like the character who tells the story and then realising that this is mere fiction and my mind collapses into a jolt of reality, until I see the next chapter and I'm happy again!
This is amazing, so far.
LaeKirshaw LaeKirshaw 2 years ago
Incredible prologue! the cover catches the attention, so as the idea of the story :) well done!!
Broken_mirage Broken_mirage 2 years ago
This is very good and I love it. I'm so obsessed with it. Your a wonderful writer and I'm sure you will go far in the writing buisness
SilverNotebook SilverNotebook 2 years ago
A ginger obsession? lol! Okay, so I must say that this is a very good prologue- nice details, great hook, everything a prologue should have. The main character sounds very realistic. Great job!