Omega to her previous pack, May is turned upside down when she runs away and becomes another packs prize possession. With her brother's beside her, her life finally seems to fall into place, that is until she has a run in with a very intimidating male, Alpha Jasper, who immediately recognizes her as his...
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For a minute there, I thought the twins didn't like their sister. So I had to reread it 3 times until I got it
@trust_no_player An omega is the lowest rank of a pack, often the most submissive
it's weird.. if their father twin, devon and sebastian can't be twin. the twin gene comes from distant relatives..
i really like this story so far it's so interesting I can't stop reading pls update soon.

 a omega is the lowest part of of a wolf pack, were the omega's get picked on a lot and barley even has any respect.
Ok I feel stupid for asking this but what's the omega??? I don't understand that. So well yeah that's it the story is great so far;))

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