Omega to her previous pack, May is turned upside down when she runs away and becomes another packs prize possession. With her brother's beside her, her life finally seems to fall into place, that is until she has a run in with a very intimidating male, Alpha Jasper, who immediately recognizes her as his...
@M-Crawford Ohh
                                     finally where the girl is not mate with the alpha
@beautifully-ugly great now im reading it in an irish accent
I'm glad they are helping her and not being like all the other books where they are the main bullies and she leaves and then they ask for her forgiveness when she comes back. 
How can she have twin brothers when her father was a twin it skip a generation so yerp
The verb tense is incorrect. 'filled' should be filling in order to follow in the sentence. (sry i write stuff on here too and i just wanna help ^~^ if u dont mind)
Why were devon and his brother mean to his sister but then helped her?