Omega to her previous pack, May is turned upside down when she runs away and becomes another packs prize possession. With her brother's beside her, her life finally seems to fall into place, that is until she has a run in with a very intimidating male, Alpha Jasper, who immediately recognizes her as his...
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when I came home with my boyfriend my brothers became like bestfriends with him! i swear he spends more times on videogames with them than me!
I am crushing on Markus Damnit she has guys carrying about her when my crush could care less about me
How can she have twin brothers when her father was a twin it skip a generation so yerp
lmao am laughing they did not charged or anything when he said u be a wolf short lol but what he said mate all hell broke lol
So is Jessie the sister of the brothers too?  I thought the brothers were alphas too. Im confused
uh yeah... I guess I could let you into that tiny detail - it's impossible for twins to descend twins of their own

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