“Oh, hush now Clara. You know I wouldn’t hurt you. You have a body too beautiful to scar,” he added erotically as fear washed over my trembling body. My face was no longer showcasing resentment, it let go of that a long time ago. My fear was published for him and he knew it.
omg my dreams were crushed just now with the comments down there...posted a year ago
Write more please :) I think it'd be a really good long story
yes. make it into a story. -_- like seriously. but like what @TheBlackPanther said. u wont finish it
I actually really hope you continue. It's suspensful and eeirie and so many people find that intriging, including me! Your herione seems like a true fighter in a hopless situation which could be the makings of an amazing story! I sincerely you move on with this idea!
@TheMustacheBunny Thank you for ignoring me.I absolutely love being ignored.
                                    Bitch :)
                                    Btw..DON'T START A NOVEL.YOU'LL NEVER FINISH IT!
@TheMustacheBunny Yeah, it's got that whole criminal mystery thing going on. If you want, you should.