I graze my hand along the grey, written names before I turn back to Noah. “Why were people telling me how lucky I was to share a dorm with you?”

Noah smirks and lean his arm on the wall beside him. “I am the son of the man in charge of this school. I’m rich and incredibly handsome. Who wouldn’t want to do the whole 'repeat of history' with me?”

“A repeat of history?” 

Noah shakes his head. “Dorm Room 210 has been abandoned for a decade now. Haven’t you been informed about the last boy and girl who shared this dorm? They hated each other’s guts, doing pranks and whatnot on each other; creating a fuss wherever they went. They resembled animals.” His steps are deliberately slow. Tension thickens in the air. “But he was still a boy and she was still a girl. So naturally, they fell in love.” 

After having her parents killed in an accident, Lillian Camel is about to embark on a one girl mission: survive College. When hatred, friendship and love collide, Lillian is going to need the will power she has to face her roommate, the arrogant Noah Sky. Just how well will she do without giving up? Will she allow him to dig her a grave ten feet underground or be the one standing tall? Perhaps the ghost story of the past roommates from dorm room 210 will be repeated.

[currently editing so I apologise if things don't make sense right now xx]
Congrats on winning a prize for this story. Looks interesting to read.  It's always hard adjusting to another state. And it seems like this college accepts opposite gender dorm rooms, which I read from your summary.
Wow, the way you describe it, makes me want to read it right away <33 Great start!!
Glad to see alot of rereaders! It must b a good story. Lets start it. 
First time reader. Fingers crossed.
I both love and hate the comments section on every paragraph.  Like, I like hearing what everyone thinks as I read, but it makes me take waaaaay longer to read because I cant focus on the story xD
I know this is random but I just tasted a terrible lychee and this is one of the memories that are too upsetting to remember...
My name is Lily. I used to like a guy named Noah. WHAT IS HAPPENING?