It Takes Two(boyxboy)

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Levi Jackson has been in love with Gage Zachary since freshman year, and hasn't failed to tell him everyday he can. Gage rejects him time after time, but is secretly dying to make Levi his and his alone. When something tragic occurs, Levi isn't the same person. For the first time, Gage pursues Levi in an attempt to get to find out what happened to the boy he loves. Will Gage end up confessing to Levi in order to help fix him, or will Levi suffer in silence forever? (Points of view will alternate throughout the story)
I had a gold fish. Two gold fish. The first one was eaten by another fish //weird right// and the second died in the fake seaweed.
I'm gonna go for the former but he probably is also just slightly dumb
That is a decision I fully agree with do you mind if I do the same?:) * slips you some cash *
@DreamlessAshes no but once I read over it I instantly thought Death Note.
That random I LOVE YOU. I'm gonna train my kids to do that if they ever fall in love.
Im sick and i laughed so hard i started coughing and i threw up  thanks…