On Writing

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PauloCoelho By PauloCoelho Updated 2 years ago
A Filipino blogger, Jerome, collected a series of my comments on writing – and I found his page by chance.
hannahdelrio hannahdelrio 2 months ago
soooo true. these are very helpful! thanks to Jerome for collecting all these. Iba talaga ang pinoy :)
BattleForYou BattleForYou 3 months ago
I am a Proud Filipino here! :) I really admire your works sir Paulo. God bless you always.
amu008 amu008 3 months ago
#on notetaking
so true ;___; 
i really felt like an observer when i can be the subject. 
thank you so much for posting this, and thank you to jerome for compiling this!
crazyfangirl4life crazyfangirl4life 4 months ago
That was very wise, Mr. Coleho! PS I am also a Virgo like you!!!!!
lGaspingl lGaspingl 4 months ago
what if you just like entertaining people? Like humour them?
RandomFandomGurl RandomFandomGurl 4 months ago
I find this very helpful. Thank you for it. I mostly make fanfictions so it's kinda hard to focus on it, specially if what you're writing on's interest dies down and you just kind of find it boring. thank you so much.