A Filipino blogger, Jerome, collected a series of my comments on writing – and I found his page by chance.
I find this advice very inspiring at this time, thank you for your beautiful words. I enjoy your books, my favourite book of yours is Eleven Minutes. I love the character Maria, her story gave me much pause for thought.
This is very obvious yet so many, like me, can't see it. Thank you for reminding us what's important as a writer.
I took so many notes when I was much younger, filled countless notebooks and stray pages to the brim. I'm still glad I had!
Thank you Paulo, I've found confirmation to my thoughts. And of course, I'm thankful to Jerome who has kept these precious pieces of advice.
uhmmm, I'm not quite sure about this one though,.
                                    theres this question  in my head saying "really?"
That's what seems to happen when I write. One thought leads to another until the story is complete.