A Filipino blogger, Jerome, collected a series of my comments on writing – and I found his page by chance.
Tiefsa Tiefsa 19 days ago
That's what seems to happen when I write. One thought leads to another until the story is complete.
AqsaMehmood2 AqsaMehmood2 a month ago
Ideal for beginners and those afraid to publicise their works
Binibining_K Binibining_K a month ago
This one is quite unusual for me, but I guess. . .this man has his good point!
hannahdelrio hannahdelrio 4 months ago
soooo true. these are very helpful! thanks to Jerome for collecting all these. Iba talaga ang pinoy :)
BattleForYou BattleForYou 4 months ago
I am a Proud Filipino here! :) I really admire your works sir Paulo. God bless you always.
amu008 amu008 4 months ago
 #on notetaking
so true ;___; 
i really felt like an observer when i can be the subject. 
thank you so much for posting this, and thank you to jerome for compiling this!