Mama, I'm in Love with a Criminal

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[first book in the criminal series]

I'm in love with the Bradford bad boy. He sells drugs and he's a hustler. He carries a knife and has a gun in his apartment. He's been to jail and I don't even care. He says he won't fall in love, he's a bad boy with a tainted heart. He tells me he isn't any good for me, but I don't care. Mama, I'm in love with a criminal and even I know this ain't smart...


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Lets do it!!! We can be like the gang leaders! Wow I am enjoying this way too much.....
I wish my daughter would talk to me like that, it'd be a cold day in Hèll!
Then do what Tammy did with her sunglasses...... Put it in a paper and then point your sunglasses at them 
I carry a pocket knife too....... Guess we need to start a gang
Same. Their so intriguing and challenging. I like that in a guy. ;)
sweet.. it reminds me of something.. i can relate to annie.. literally.. ^_^