My Directioner Boyfriend

Loving 1D is easy. Loving a guy with the same passion for them? Thats harder. Meet Lynn, a huge directioner, from a small town. She is like the female Louis, but then again, Harry. She's not sure, so she just dresses like both! Meet Jake, also a directioner, who is from Montana. After being teased by his brothers for being a directioner, he moves to live with his aunt in Athena Oregon. The first day of school, they meet, and become best friends. What if Jake was related to someone famous? *hint hint* Read and find out! :D
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Jake and Lynn when they first met reminds me of my friend Kathy and I, me being Lynm and Kathy being jake.
If you want more details, just ask.
This is really good,i think their should be more boy directioners and directioners fan-fics out their! If i make one you get totatl criedt!
That was amazing!!! I loved it!!!! Great plot!!! I can't wait to see what happens next :)

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