Know What You Know

Dames, they know what you tell em' to know, you know? In this tongue-in-cheek noire short, a dame knows a man who knows a get the idea.
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Struck me as a glimpse into an interesting, off beat character that you could expand on in other stories
Know What You the story! I believe the slang is 1950s? Great stuff!
This had me smiling at times and toots -love it ;) lol wasn't expecting the end though. Don't think I'd let my boy treat me disrespectfully
@StevenClapp...You are so right! MacLaine would be so perfect ;-)
Thoroughly enjoyed the PI banter in that one and a great little twist at the end. Thanks for the dedication on a neat little tale Stephen, much appreciated. Cheers, Gav
I see a black and white forties flick here, the language, the atmosphere.  Very cool story, my friend.  Here's lookin' at you, kid.  Voted.

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