Ready or Not (Harry Styles Fan Fic) *completed and slowly editing...*

*mAY I WARN YOU THAT I PROBABLY HAVE POOR GRAMMAR AND SPELLING IN THIS BC IT WAS MY FIRST STORY AND I DIDN'T EDIT IT YET* What if your dad never wanted you as a baby? What if your mom died after you were born? Meet Darcy! She is Harry Styles' daughter that has to grow up without a mom. Her father wants nothing to do with her though. He hires a babysitter when he isn't home and he constantly rapes, hits, assaults, and abuses her. One day she had enough and took the next plane to The Big Apple! Ready or Not here Darcy comes NYC! Will Darcy find love? Will her dad try to find her? Will she meet relatives on the way? Where will she stay? What happens along the way to find herself? Find out by reading on!
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You can't just tell somebody to go with you and buy them a ticket without asking. This is a bit stupid, no offense
it's sad cause I have a connection to the first two sentences of the definition :,(
Awkward moment when your own second cousin is born on 14th May and is 14 years old this year. And she's rich too
Haha soo funny I was listening to we are never ever ever getting back together then i saw the line
Aww pooor darcy at least shes running away!!! I wouldnt blame her!!!! AWW ♡♥♡

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