Kingdom of Lost Souls (on hold)

Rome, Italy. The year is 1499 when Pope Alexander VI ruled and with him, corruption. Tomasia, a Merchant’s Daughter, learns that life in Rome isn’t as humble as it seems to be. Her life makes a drastic turn when she bumps into a mysterious man who privately works for the Borgia family and a woman whose tale is so sinful she is condemned to die in her prison cell for the court need not bother with such scandals. This tells the tale of a group of people from different social standings uniting for a goal.
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I seriously love the time period for these, they're so refreshing to read, and I LOVE Roman times, Ben-Hur is one of my favorite films, so this is soo good!!
Lovely range of emotions, I'm quite curious as to what will happen next! Aaaandd... Beautiful cover! :D
I knew I said only four words, but whatever: Historical Fiction isn't really my thing, but this was nice. Keep it up.
I love the time period (got into it after watching the Borgias on sky) so I will be reading this later :)
Historical isn't really my thing but I actually liked this! It was beautifully written, and I do hope you continue this story<3 Great job.

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