Army Strong

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Four Men. Four Women. Four Soliders. Eight Hearts. 

A Fiance's Poem.

"I said goodbye and I was strong until he looked away. Walking down the street I cried missing him more then words could say. The many months we've spent apart, the lonely nights and days. I love my soldier more then life ,and it hurts me so that he's away. "I'll see you soon," is all I have to get me through this pain. Until the day he's home again the sadness still remains."

                                                     - Nicole Brown 

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how many chapters????? oh lawd I should've read this when my friend told me to -_- lol but I love it so far
Ur story is so amazing that if u were doing oc writes and i was the judge i will give u a perfect score
Why did I keep passing over this story. I'm already taken in and can tell this is gong to be another favorite.
i just started reading this book and i love it! i mite read all your books if it start off like this
I totally agree with you, she is an AMAZING writer as I said before. However, I hope she makes the right decision whether she should make one of the men die at battle. I hope Chresanto doesn't that would be so devastating for little Maya
In love with the way this started! It gives you insight on how turbulent these relationships can be. My favorite couple has to be Chresanto and Sandra. Something about them is so interesting, as well as Craig and Natalie. I already know good you write because of Tumblr, so yeah. So far so good! :)