Four Men. Four Women. Four Soliders. Eight Hearts. 
    A Fiance's Poem.
    "I said goodbye and I was strong until he looked away. Walking down the street I cried missing him more then words could say. The many months we've spent apart, the lonely nights and days. I love my soldier more then life ,and it hurts me so that he's away. "I'll see you soon," is all I have to get me through this pain. Until the day he's home again the sadness still remains."
                                                         - Nicole Brown 
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She's needs to work on that. She just can't be blocking him out.
13 years of waiting?! Wow. He must really be patient and love her a lot!!
That sucks that he had to be one of the chosen ones. They barely settled in their home.
when u read this chapter listen to all the way home by tamar braxton
how many chapters????? oh lawd I should've read this when my friend told me to -_- lol but I love it so far
Ur story is so amazing that if u were doing oc writes and i was the judge i will give u a perfect score