Victoria has a very hard life. She’s six years old with no mother and does not know her father. Her mother died while she was giving birth to Victoria, and her father doesn’t even know she exists. Victoria also has a rare case of childhood leukemia, and is living in the hospital after the foster home gave her up to them to take care of her. One day, Victoria asked her nurse if she could write a letter to daddy, just for fun. Her nurse said yes, and always took the letters and kept them in her office. Her doctor decided to mail them out to her father, also explaining to him that he does have a daughter and whats going on. Every week now, Niall Horan waits for the letters from his daughter to come. *A One Direction Short Story*
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omg this is one of the best stories I have ever read on wattpad! well done!!! xD
How can Louis be 20 if Victoria is six, and niall is two years younger than Louis? Then niall must have been 12 when she was born...?!
Oh my gosh. I love this already. I have absolutely no words to explain how much I love this story!
This is story is almost exactly like Allergic To Nutella by AvannahSky. Even the cover is the same.
If Niall got a girl pregnant in 16 years how can the baby be 6 years when Niall is only 19! The baby should be 3 years old
Did any of you notice tha Louis is 20 which means Niall is 19 and his daughter is 6 that means Niall had a baby when he was.....13!!!mOMG

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