Just Friends - ON HOLD

Addyson "Addy" Grey has entered her freshman year at Bosworth College, the same college where her parents fell in love. The only thing is that she isn't looking for love. She's had a boyfriend, Christian, for the last two years and she feels perfectly happy with him. She meets Spencer Graham, who also has a girlfriend, and an immediate close connection is formed between them. Everyone around them thinks they are a couple, but they are just friends. What will happen when their relationships start to fall apart? Will they begin to see what everyone else sees? Will they be willing to risk their friendship for something more?
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I just realized I read this book when I was in high school...and now I am in college still waiting patiently for an update hahaha!
R u ever gonna update its been more than 7-8 months you started off realllyyyy good please update
I love this and didn't realized you hadn't finished it please update!!! I love how this story is beginning :)
Wait, if Christian is the son of Evan and Rita, wouldn't that make Addy a lot older than Christian? And I going by the "Just A Kiss Goodnight" story...
I'm on pins and needles wondering how this book is going to end...;) I love it..please update;)
I love this book I can't belive that they Stoped right there .....FINISH IT!!!!!!! Thanx      lol

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